The Chest

Solve the Clues and Find the Treasure.

Somewhere in the USA, a treasure chest lies hidden. Inside there is a golden key and a messasge written on a hundred dollar bill. If you can find the golden key and reveal the secret message, a real world treasure awaits you. "I filled an old wooden treasure chest up with all kinds of valuables," says David Jacobsen, author of 'The Hatter's Hat - Lost Tales of Wonderland. "There are rubies, sapphires, over 140 beautiful diamonds, silver, gold, rare collectible coins dating all the way back to the 3rd century of the Roman Empire, a 24 karat gold plated "Alice in Wonderland" charm bracelet, and more. If you can find the golden key, you can have the treasure chest. During these crazy times, I wanted to give people a reason to turn off the television sets and get back out into nature. I wanted to create an adventure. There are clues and hints in my book, 'The Hatter's Hat,' which will lead you straight to the golden key. Whoever finds that key can claim the treasure. I didn't want to just leave all the treasure out in the wilderness because I didn't want any legal battles over who is the rightful owner. The first person to solve the clues and find that golden key will claim title to the treasure."

It can be difficult to put a precise value on treasure containing collectibles, however, the total value of the treasure has been estimated to be worth somewhere between $10,000.00 and $20,000.00 USD, based on the original value of the valuables contained therein. "The treasure chest is visually spectacular," says Jacobsen. "You won't be disappointed when you open up that chest. It's a beautiful sight."

How to Find the Golden Key

All the clues you need to find the golden key and claim the treasure chest are contained in the book The Hatter's Hat. prequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll, The Hatter's Hat tells the tale of how Wonderland was formed and the tale of Wonderland's lesser known heroine, Mary Ann, the Rabbit's housemade. When the Queen of Hearts accuses Mary Ann of stealing her tarts, will Mary Ann be able to prove her innocence? Or will it be 'off with her head?'

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