The Hatter's Riddle

Solve One Riddle to Claim a Real-World Treasure

Have you always dreamed of holding a real world treasure in your hands? A treasure filled with gold, silver, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and other valuable coins? Now's your chance. This week, best-selling author David Jacobsen released yet another treasure hunt book, entitled Best Riddles For Kids, Teens, and Adults, which contains a real-world armchair treasure hunt that could make your dream of holding treasure come true.

According to Jacobsen, "Best Riddles is a collection of some of the world's best loved riddles that are accessible to children but also loved by adults. The riddles will be enjoyed by anyone who loves a good riddle, but the book also contains one master riddle, and the first person to solve the riddle and provide the answer to The Hatter's Riddle will win the loot."

Jacobsen's first treasure hunt book, The Hatter's Hat, has attracted the attention of major news outlets, including, ABC news, The Doctor's (hit television show) website, and numerous bloggers, radio shows, and film producers. Many people from all over the world have gone searching for the treasure, according to Jacobsen. "I've received a good number of emails over the last two years. Some people have shared their solves and what they think are the clues and other people have even sent me pictures of the wonderful places they have visited in search for the loot. I love when that happens. I love seeing the amazing places people have discovered through this treasure hunt. To me that is the most rewarding thing about these treasure hunts: I love knowing that people have been inspired by the book to get off the couch and to have an adventure.

"The Best Riddles treasure hunt isn't a boots on the ground treasure hunt, like the Wonderland Treasure Hunt, but it's still an adventure. I wanted to do something different this time. I wanted to create a treasure hunt for all the people who don't have the financial resources or physical ability to travel. I wanted to create a treasure hunt that could be solved from anywhere in the world."

The Best Riddles treasure cache contains gold, silver, precious jewels, and collectors coins including an old roman coin from the third century. According to Jacobsen, "If you can solve the master riddle you can have the chest." The first person to email the the correct riddle solution will win the treasure. (See book for details). There's a catch, however: "Only one guess per week per treasure hunter will be allowed," according to Jacobsen.

"Some people have been emailing me literally hundreds of times a week trying to guess the solution to the riddles from The Mad Tea Party Treasure Hunt. While I enjoy reading the emails, and I can understand the desire to submit multiple guesses, I unfortunately just don't have time to read all those emails. So I am asking participants to please limit their guesses to one per week. Make sure it's a good guess and make it count."

People who abuse this rule may be disqualified. "Also, please put your solution in the subject line of your email so it's easier for me to go through the many emails I receive." To submit you solution, email your riddle solve to "" with subject line: THE HATTER'S RIDDLE: (INSERT YOUR RIDDLE GUESS)". Please also provide your first name and last initial in the body of the email. Only one submission per week per participant. Don't share your solutions with others, as the first person to submit the correct solution will be declared the winner.

Unlike The Hatter's Hat treasure hunt, which has a 'boots on the ground' component, the Best Riddles treasure hunt is a 100% armchair treasure hunt, meaning you never have to leave your house to claim the treasure. The first person to provide the correct solution, via email, will win the loot. Be sure to sign up for the email mailing list on the home page to receive important updates and details. And those who would like to participate, can get started by picking up a copy of the book here on amazon.

Below you will find a brief description of the treasure up for grabs:

The Hatter's Riddle Treasure Cache

The Hatter's Riddle Cache is the name of the treasure cache for the Best Riddles Treasure Hunt. To claim this cache, you must be the first person to answer the master riddle (referred to in the book as "The Hatter's Riddle") correctly. See book for details. An image of The Hatter's Riddle Treasure Cache is provided below:

The Hatter's Riddle Cache contains all of the following: a red ruby over silver ring; a green emerald over silver ring; a blue sapphire over silver ring, An American Eagle gold coin, a number of silver coins, 1 Pearl Sterling Silver Strand bracelet, and a bed of world coins, in a small wooden treasure chest. Be the first to solve and report The Hatter's Riddle solution to claim this treasure cache.

How to Get Started

All the clues, hints, and the master riddle are contained in the book Best Riddles For Kids, Teens, and Adults, by David Jacobsen. To get started on your armchair treasure hunt, order the book today on Amazon buy clicking on the Buy Now button below.

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