Wonderland Treasure Hunt FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Many questions have been submitted about the Wonderland Treasure Hunt, and David Jacobsen (author of "The Hatter's Hat" and creator of the Wonderland Treasure Hunt) wanted to provide answers to some of these questions. However, to ensure fairness to all searchers, David has decided to answer the questions in a public format, so that everyone can have access to the information at once. Below is a list of frequently asked questions, as well as answers provided by David to those questions.

Question: Some people have pointed out that there are subtle differences between the kindle version and the paperback version. Will this have any effect on the solve?
Answer: There are no known material differences between the paperback version and the kindle version of the book pertaining to the search. You can find the same clues and hints in both versions. If there are differences, they are not important for the purposes of the search. -D

Question: How often, or will you be, periodically confirming the key is still available?
Answer: As of January 14th, 2021, I have received no indication that the key has been found. As soon as I learn that the chest with the key has been recovered I will immediately make efforts to communicate this fact to searchers. I will make sure an email is sent out to subscribers on the Wonderland Treasure subscriber list, and there will be a message on the wonderlandtreasure.com website to let everyone know that the hunt is over. -D

Question: Is the key inside of the chest, or is the key loose (is it buried)?
Answer: The golden key is in a small treasure chest, along with a small glass bottle with a hundred dollar bill. If you find the key you'll know it, because I also stuffed a note in the treasure chest confirming that it is the Wonderland Treasure key along with the email to contact if you've found it. If you are searching boots on the ground you should be looking for a small treasure chest. In order to prove you have found it you will need to tell me what is written on the back of that hundred dollar bill. A picture of the chest containing the golden key, which was taken prior to hiding it will be provided on the FAQs page of the website. -D

The golden key - David released the above image of the golden key treasure chest for the purposes of this article.

Question: I have found a couple of typos in the book. Should I interpret these as possible clues.
Answer: The clues and hints do not involve typos. There were a couple of known typos in the first version released and Digitas Media, the publisher, has subsequently attempted to eliminate some of those typos, so there may be a few typos in older versions of the book that do not appear in the most recent version. Typos will not help you find the treasure chest. -D

Question: You said that all the information we need to claim the treasure is in the book. Does that mean that outside research will not be required? For example, might younger readers need to learn how to use complex ciphers that are not mentioned in the book?
Answer: All the information you need to get you started on the right path is in the book, however, that does not mean that reference to outside materials won't help you in the search. Good research tools include the following: The Hatter's Hat, the internet, Google Earth and/or some very good maps. -D

Question: Some treasure hunts are more armchair and some are more boots on the ground, which is this?
Answer: If you can find and decipher all of the clues, you can get very close to the treasure without ever leaving your house. However, boots on the ground will be required to confirm your solution. The only way to know with certainty that your solution is correct is to find the golden key. I hope that helps. -D

Question: I know the clues and hints for finding the golden key and claiming the treasure are in The Hatter's Hat. Do you think it's possible that anyone could find the chest without the book?
Answer: I highly doubt it. You need the clues and hints in the book to get started. -D

Question: I am really enjoying the treasure hunt. Thank you so much. Do you plan on releasing more treasure hunts in the future?
Answer: Yes, as a matter of fact, a new book, entitled A Mad Tea Party: An Armchair Treasure Hunt, is scheduled to be released in February and is already available for pre-order on Amazon's website. That book will also be based on the collective works of Lewis Carroll, but the format for that hunt will be slightly different. There will be three treasure chests instead of one, and it will be 100% armchair. More details will be released in the coming weeks. -D

Question: Do you have any advice for people going boots on the ground?
Answer: The wilderness can be a dangerous place. Never search alone and always bring plenty of water, a good map, and any tools or supplies necessary to ensure your safety. I did not hide the golden key in a location that is in any way dangerous. Nor do you need to trespass or break any laws to get to the location. Safety is of paramount importance. Please don't do anything risky when searching for the chest. Happy hunting! -D


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